The More Resourceful Service Of The Cremation

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Still to this day, much debate still surrounds the veracity of instigating a cremation service as opposed to the traditional burial service. There are many people who oppose the cremation out of unfounded superstitious fears as well as for understandable religious reasons. Religious beliefs cannot be upended. And for many, do not even think of commissioning an animal cremation services san francisco ca undertaker!

Animal cremation services!? By golly! Whatever in the world next? And so it goes. Do not be too quick to judge. Have a heart for the dearly departed. And have a heart for those that they have left behind. Imagine what it must be like being a little old lady living alone in her apartment all those years. Well, she wasn’t all alone now was she. She had her dearly devoted pet Maltese for close company.

Through thick and thin as they say. But now she is alone. Shame. It had to happen sooner or later. And have a heart for the little old lady. She wants to have something to remember her old little friend by. If she is still able, she is able to take her nimble walks to the pet sanatorium where a lovely little stone has been put up in remembrance of her old friend. And here is a curious one. It might even seem chilling to others who may never understand.

You have your pet cremations. You have your pet tombstones. And then there is this. There are those folks who will have their dearly departed loved ones embalmed, fur coat, tail, paws and all. My oh my! In closing, whether for animals or for the folks, a cremation does make sense, given that there’s just no graveyard space left.